Energy Healing Class



Energy Healing Program

New Class begins in September 2014

Our Energy Healing program is an excellent choice for anyone interested in exploring the principles of health, healing and the disease process. Our Energy Healing program empowers individuals to work intuitively and from the heart.

Our program is also for individuals interested in exploring and awakening to their whole potential, and who are committed to embracing the Divine within themselves as well as the Divine within everyone they meet. During this two-year program you will learn about the energetic systems in the body, how to work with them and how to transform energetic imbalances into patterns of health and wellness.


Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing offers more than just techniques and subjects. We offer guidance and support for our students. We also offer a pathway where each student has the opportunity to transform his or her own life. We believe that, before a Spiritual Healer can hold sacred space for someone else to heal, they must do their own inner work. This requires commitment, time and dedication to knowing oneself.   Throughout the 2-year program, students undergo extensive personal transformation work and healing to clear his/her energy field.  In all classes and events you will be supported in opening, strengthening, and purifying your energy so that your human energy field can hold the higher energy vibrations. During class, you will be encouraged to bring forth your own innate gifts of energy healing. During our two-year program you will discover how to work consciously with your Soul.

From the very first class, opportunities for self-awareness and self-healing will be given. We will explore the history and foundations of energy healing, and assist students in the exploration of their innate healing potentials.

You may attend the school to enhance the healing skills you already have or simply to explore your own process and journey in a safe, supportive and spiritual environment.

Many students have found that the personal growth that happens in the Energy Healing program is a major outcome of the program for them.

This powerful program will touch every aspect of your life and take you to a deeper meaning and relationship with yourself and those you are called to help.