The Journey of the Soul
Intuitive Training Class

Intuitive Program
New Class beginning May 10th  2014


Our Program trains students to work with their Souls, and to work from the heart.

This is a program for serious students who are committed to developing the skill of Intuition, and to living a Soul-directed life. The first step is to learn to tune in and listen to the promptings of your Soul. The second step is to act on Soul guidance and direction. Students will learn how to create space to receive and give expression to Soul guidance.

Intuitive Students live lives that are expansive and multidimensional therefore anything which blocks you from living a multidimensional life must be shifted and transformed.  

During your intuitive training you will: 

Learn the Language of Intuition.
See with the "Eye of Your So
Learn the variety of amazing ways your intuition communicates with you everyday.
Learn the HeartMind Linking, Releasing and Healing process 
Learn to transcend time, space and any person, place or thing…any time...anywhere.
Learn to use the language of archetypes to understand your own journey and help your clients understand life patterns, lessons and gifts.
During this work you will create a current life Soul Map. This Soul Map will include current life strengths as well as challenges. 
Learn about the ethics of giving intuitive readings.
Learn to read and interpret the information of your body’s energy system as well as your client’s.

Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing
offers more than just techniques and subjects. We offer guidance and support for our students. We also offer a pathway where each student has the opportunity to transform his or her own life. We believe that, before anyone can hold sacred space for someone else to heal, they must do their own inner work. This requires commitment, time and dedication to knowing oneself. In all classes and events you will be supported in opening, strengthening, and purifying your energy system so that your human energy field can hold the higher frequency vibrations. 

By tapping into their inner wisdom, students learn how to bring information from the unconscious into consciousness. They will find out how to recognize and validate the messages they are picking up and discover how easily and effortlessly they can tap into their spiritual guidance while performing intuitive counseling sessions.


Students giving intuitive readings
We will be working with the language of archetypes and how these archetypes influence our lives.  Becoming aware of your archetypes and their challenges helps you understand the energy that is behind many of your life choices. Archetypal awareness enables you to view your life symbolically, knowing that everything that has happened is something we could learn from - everyone in our lives becomes a teacher.

Archetypes are visual symbols or energetic imprints that exist in our psyches. They are dynamic, living forms of energy that come through us and shape who we are and what roles we will play out in our lives.

Each Student will create their own Soul Map: Soul Mapping looks at your Soul imprints and patterns which are coming through from other lifetimes. Our Soul holds all the memories or imprints of all of our experiences through the eternal time line of our existence. Events from past lives keep energy flowing until the trauma and/or patterns have been cleared on a Soul Level. Soul Mapping includes mapping and following information in your Soul records. Information about your key Soul Life issues which needs to be healed will also be mapped and where its origins lie within your Soul lives. 

Chambers of the Heart Session
Students giving energy after session

Students who take our Intuitive training for their own healing and personal growth discover great improvements in their self awareness, decision making, personal relationships, business or career. In fact, students see improvement in all aspects of their lives. This is a program for serious students who are committed to developing the skill of Intuition.

Students will learn about the importance of Establishing Professional Boundaries
In any business, there are a number of items that should be considered in advance, so if a situation presents itself, you will have already planned for it or created a policy regarding it. By establishing an operating policy, you will be able to let your clients know what you expect from them, also this creates a clearly defined boundary - a professional boundary. Students will also look at the ethics of giving intuitive readings. All students will developed their own code of ethics as well as adhere to the code of ethics developed by the school.

What is the cost? And How do I sign up?

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